fog be bought

I recall being insane
Retrieving war bonds for fresher breath

I dial stitches
I stitch scarves
I hope next Christmas arrives soon

My suds tame Jonah with half a gill
Hype always true but still offended
By slurps emerging from butane tongues

I recall the insane
Revealed in stout tones of whoppers

War with Iran by next ChristmasBlowjob from Miss Iran before Armageddon expires

I mean
I memorize vital signs
Like a caveman half drunkenly rewinding breath

I mean I fear
Buckles the scorched trees fuck hogtied

by R.C. Miller

Born 1974 in Parkersburg, WV
R.C. Miller lives in New York City.
His poems and photographs have recently been published
by Silenced Press, Hecale, and The Green Gnome.
Miller may be reached by writing to roadinsect@yahoo.com