she wanted to tell him all about the fingernails that she had seen on a young man that day, how they were shiny and had a little bit of glitter on them like a woman’s what lovely nails she had said, and the man had smiled and looked down, and then she noticed that his eyes were lined with a dark kohl goodness do you want to be a woman she had asked him, and his laughter had been pleasant, a happy glittery thing like his nails It caught the light in the same way

No and No and No he said, and when he smiled again, his teeth were long and sharp and pointed fangs, and she knew instantly that whatever name he was calling himself now, he had been born a Bradley

Bradley she said, and he had looked up, surprised

by Mercedes Murdock

Mercedes Murdock Yardley screams whenever she gets published. She has a motorcycle helmet and children named The Tsar and Princess Pretty Fingers. She never steals.