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killpoet is back online
expect daily/weekly updates.
everything has changed. except. our mission.
we lost Billy Brazier,
kp co-owner/adoring fan, last july.
he is in eternity now. and we are here.
that is why we have been gone. but that time
is over.

expect things in 2009.
things like, but not limited to:

- los angeles events.
- two chapbooks scheduled to be published.
- KP ANTHOLOGY book scheduled to be published
till FEB 5.
- issue 6,7,8
- new word.s
- book review.s
- etc.




That old yellow house
Still stands where I first stood,
Where I first chewed the raw
Emotion of crying
And demons in every closet,

That old yellow house,
With brown trim and seascape escape,
That old yellow house,
Where the flash of memories still
Stings the eyes,
Still reminds me of June bugs
And scraped knees,
Still stands,

You know,
You died in that old yellow house,
Your vomit stains and chalk-outline
Have been steam –washed away,
The bed you lied in
And the trashcan your head
Fell into have all been destroyed,
Yet my T-shirt and green-cotton pants
Painted in your torment
And lack of control
Still remains,
Like memories,
Burned into the fabric
Of everything real,
Everything good,
Everything now,

My imagination hides nothing.


I am lost without you,

Standing outside the yellow house,
You must know this,

Even without your
Holy light
Or Without your
Book of Conviction,

I am lost in your decision,
I am lost in that brown trim,
That long walk way
And our porch swing,
I swing,
Like it is my neck,
Not yours,

Like the over-painted hinges
And the uneven kitchen floor,
black and white checkered,
playing chess with me,
playing cars with me,
playing with me.

I miss your hugs
as I stare at someone
else living in that yellow house.







unknown day.month.08

welcome home people.
i will continue to allow billy and jason to add features
to my digital body
because they avoid my dangly parts.
here's what i got.

tons of art. photos and sketchings and paintings
from sum of the finest artists you've never heard of. yet.

word.s = the lovely jessica dawson starts off
a monthly showcasing of the art.words out there.

friends = cruise the sites of our friends and inspirations.
our family. flat and digitized

find event pictures that visually sum up
our past year as a press. killpoet stretches
way beyond
the trappings of the internet.

voice = myspace page dedicated to the reads we've held in s.d
with some of the finest vocal cords out there.

check it all out.

love me, kp


and O yeah.
post script...
submissions are formerly open for ISSUE 4.
fill our word hole up with the best ya got.
issue4 word.hole.
check out our submission.guidelines.
and past issues
for reference. then disregard all of that
and make these guy's eyes go slack with satisification,



On January 26th, 2008,

Killpoet Press and Lestat's West Proudly Present
another day and night of Art and Poetry.

LeStat's West allows for a diverse amalgam of writers and artists to gather
sharing in an evening of sticky words and pretty color. a kill poet event
creating the beautiful distraction of art. an environment just as enriched
by the friends who join us as the participants themselves.
Januarary 26 will be the second installment of this moment.

Poets include:

David Smith

the first time i met david was at a person's house on the west side
for a poetry read. it was a gathering of the minds that currently nick
and scrape at the landscape of the los angeles indie poetry world.
his work is almost musical it moves down the page so effortlessly.
a true giant with language. twisting poems off at the end often times
using so few words yet revealing such expansive meaning even if its
just a moment wrought on pulp. a master at line breaks and also taking
you, immediately, into whatever world he has just created on paper.
indeed, a treat to have him with us today at le stats.

S.A. Griffin

the first time I met S.A. was at the amsterdam cafe in north hollywood.
he was reading. i was a small killpoet then and was watching. his
voice mesmerized with a confidence that enriched the poems he
performed. each piece ultimately accessible and hinted with lyrical
touches so understated they blended into a soak of inked art. another
true giant of language marking the landscape of this art form with a
brilliantly bright pen. you can find him in the room by looking for the
afterglow of artistic energy lazily dazing that area.


the first time i met chu and boxy, chu was dressed in a cocktail dress
and wide-wondering eyes that took me and everything else in so intensely
that it made me feel supremely naked. this is a great metaphor for what her
work is. uncensored soak of life through the medium of poetry. utilizing
a way with language that is wholly unique and otherworldly. all this blended
with the concepts of modern problems. a poignant way with observation.
rather amazing.

Miss Florence

the first time i met amelie was right out front of lestats three months ago. shes
as beautiful as her work. the minute you read her you understand that her surreal
use of language and excellently wrought concepts make her a very important part
of the landscape within this artform. line breaking her way through a piece with a
distinct quality that cant even really be described. more an undefined ability
to make you want to be inside the white noise of her internal voice and creativity.
exiting a florence poem is like leaving the birthing canal.
on acid and other relevant drugs.


the first time i met chesalie was at le stats wondering why i couldnt write like that
at sixteen. a local hero to killpoet with her old spirit tucked away in that young being.
reducing emotions down to base. poetry pure and revealed through a sparse form that
hurls every piece down the page. the eye, a flickering orb while reading. a narrative
that strips away the fat of life and gets right to the most important things in life.
unfortunately those things are often times the most painful.

Jason Neese

the first time i met jason i was looking at his twin and got completely confused
at the whole situation. a novelist hiding under the veil of poetry because he can't
get around the immediate satisfaction of turning words into something more organic.
hes from north carolina. he turned to pabst, the blue ribbon of beer, after! he moved
to california. he's still coming to grips with how much californians like nascar
depending on what jason you get that night, these facts can easily come into play.


the first time i met billy i was sober and in arizona wondering why everybody here looked
like a suicide girl. later, after i was appropriately drunk, i realized that billys smile could
light up cities. that his writing could turn the power off of that same city. luckily for us he
didnt use his power for bad that night in phoenix. so we got to keep the lights on to see where
this was going. his writing is reminiscent to slickhatehappynonrhymingnarrative magik that
tackles moments in sparsely written pieces choking on intensity and images dipped in the
darkest of ink.


the first time i met boxy and chu, boxy was dressed in drag filled with drugs. it was in
the parking lot of a seven eleven.
i was sober.
his work bends like water around polished rocks in a sea of surreal imagery,
honest self analysis and razor sharp use of form. he kills boredom with
personification and alternative language. missusing both in the most brilliant
ways. most of the things he writes to me during correspondence could be a piece
of finely written fiction themselves. or at least I hope that it is.
he scares us greatly.


the first time i met alveraz i was in phoenix working on getting drunk in a small hotel room
that had made the unfortunate mistake of allowing smokers. later, we would pose on a bed
in a variety of disturbed positions. sum half naked, others fantasy murdering themselves
with hastily utilized implements like neckties and wife beaters. this segues nicely into
alverazs work. its flavored with an appreciation and awareness of raw mentality through
the filter of a culture that is evident throughout every lyrically infused piece he makes
or at least the ones ive seen. who knows whats going on in the ether of this one.
he created kill poet.

visual artists and a tattoo artists include:

Kelsey Bell
Brian walker
Stephanie Bedwell
Nez Rahmne

this will be a reading and a gathering.
excellent ambiance to cozy ur imagination up to.

5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Lestat's Coffeehouse.
3343 Adams Ave.
San Diego , CA 92116
email us at killpoetsubmissions@gmail.com for: