Between the Cracks of Everything

And some days 

the sky is too big
and the air just hurts

the faces are too loud
and the noise of everything
frightens me

more than I can say

on such days

the thought of walking
across the street for a sandwich

seems presumptuous
and absurd

and answering the phone
or the door

I hardly dare
to speak
or breathe

and all that remains
is the desire

to somehow disappear
between the cracks of everything

forgetting the fact of myself
for as long as it takes

for it all to become
bearable again.

By William Taylor Jr.

William Taylor Jr. lives in San Francisco with his wife and a cat named Trouble. His work has been widely published in the small press and across the internet in such publications as Poesy, Anthills and The Chiron Review. His work is scheduled to appear in upcoming issues of the New York Quarterly and his latest book, Words For Songs Never Written, a selection of new and collected poems, is now available from Centennial Press. A book of new work is currently in progress with Sunnyoutside Press.