1. "Listening to you sounds like a motor's endless drone and reminds me why the deaf are so damn lucky", jim o'rourke, lyric by jay r. ligon.
  2. you say, you unsay by cathleen daly.
  3. one night after the fall by doug draime.
  4. two to four servings per day by niko krommydas .
  5. where crows die by brian townsley.
  6. corner work by rachel-ann howard.
  7. let the seasons begin by tammy f. trendle.
  8. piped-in torture by paula doane.
  9. gyre by amanda addison.
  10. dusk, not in california by rod naquin.
  11. cover up please by shanna dixon.
  12. between the cracks of everything by william taylor jr.
  13. busy clippers by gail d. kelley .
  1. bravado by john dorsey.
  2. the optics of my fiber by zachari james popour.
  3. take this medicine on an empty stomach by susan slaviero.
  4. betwixt by chris groah.
  5. flight 719 by j.g.
  6. my ego never sleeps by misti rainwater-lites.
  7. claudia by adam e laskey.
  8. the cock and the swan by lester allen.
  9. north beach by aleathia drehmer.
  10. geography by olivia carteaux.
  11. the hemingway aproach by thomas dejosia.
  12. henry mumbles by richard wink.
  13. 99% virgin by wjb.

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