Evolution of a Marriage

Darlene presented Max
with an emblem depicting
a small fish “Darwin”
being consumed
by a larger fish

Max shook his head
and told Darlene
he couldn’t put that
on his car;
he’d look like an idiot

She seemed surprised
he’d choose evolution
over divine creation
or intelligent design

When pressed for details
he admitted he didn’t believe
mankind was descended
from apes or
zapped into existence
by Baptists

Max thought it likely
Martian astronauts had come
to earth in the distant past
and, like forlorn sailors
mistaking manatees for mermaids,
decided to relieve
their sexual tensions
with the local primate community
resulting in homo sapiens
and all the ensuing wheels,
internal combustion engines
and indoor shopping centers

Darlene considered this
a bare moment
before asking for a divorce.

by Karl Koweski

Karl Koweski is a 34 year old displaced Chicagoan living on top of the second highest mountain in Alabama. He is a world renown machinist and a very obscure writer. His latest collections, Diminishing Returns (www.sunnyoutside.com) and Industrial Strip (www.covertpress.com) are still available.