1. Instantaneity by timothy david orme.
  2. The Origin of Nerves by autumn christian.
  3. Universe Netting by changming yuan.
  4. Bat by michael s. begnal.
  5. Let Your Guard Down (My Girl, My Girl) by zachari james popour .
  6. A Mystery (An Interactive song) by robert buck.
  7. Ballast by billy burgos.
  8. mahal kita, mahal ko by glen clark.
  9. Sans by brian prince.
  10. Evolution of a Marriage by karl koweski.
  11. you & lost by ryan snellman .
  12. The Most Blissful Existence, Then, Is: by justin heifetz.
  13. Second Marriage by edward mullany.
  1. Heard A Theory Once That Says: by justin cantoni.
  2. Glasgohst by bryan gray.
  3. Buddha Flesh by wayne mason.
  4. Monday by paciano j. morin .
  5. End of an Error by violet wild.
  6. Elegy for Speakeasy by alex ward.
  7. Booze Poem For Deviant Sex by travis miller.
  8. The Funeral Smells Like Pussy by justin grimbol.
  9. ~ Rant ~ & ~ Shy ~ by gail kelly.
  10. Addition Starts and Ends In the Brain by matthew america.

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