"a mystery (an interactive song)"

I am the momentary one
call me the momentary one
I am a memento
call me a memento
I am just a memo
call me just a memo
are you learning anything boy
nothing lasts
so let’s dance
…… (too bad for gutter rats)
this is the shell of a song
these are my instructions
I am only menu
reorder me
add some meat
then repeat
what’s in a name
I am a mystery
call me a mystery
my name is mystery

by Robert Buck

My accidental appearance is being lived by someone, something, I don't know, and compared to all the rest, is pretty dull and insignificant. I chose the poem in front of me and the first two beginning with "A" from an archive of crap which is more me than anything else. My e-mail will change tomorrow and then I will die, pieces of stars, aahhhh. Robert Buck