heard a theory once that says:

suppose two people stand face
to face and they point at each other, index
fingers stiff and strict. in turns, each person
moves half the distance between the
two of them. so, if their fingers are
say, one foot apart, one person moves
six inches inward and the other moves
three inches and so on.
in theory, these two fingers will never touch
because distance can always be halved.

if half of one is one half and half of that is one quarter
and one eighth
and one sixteenth
and one thirty-second
and one sixty-fourth
and one one-hundred and twenty-eighth

there’s always a space in between, which
leads me to believe that the greatest
distance between two people
is the closest they’ll ever get.

By Justin Cantoni

I teach English to refugees who make me realize that anyone who thinks they have a shitty life in America should go live in Burma or Nepal.