1. The Day We Thought the World Was Ending
             by gina bertucci.
  2. Urban Dictionary [dot] com: Dumb down
             by c. jak mussington.
  3. Bridelines by michael h. brownstein.
  4. Flown by carly bryson.
  5. -Orange- by anton frost.
  6. Understanding “-ology” by david tomaloff.
  7. Redundant Argument / Socially Awkward
             by richard barnhart.
  1. Dear Wife’s Panties
               by shawnte orion.
  2. “When The Slut Stripped”
               by ashok rajamani.
  3. The Match by ben nardolilli.
  4. Light My Fire by joop berseee.
  5. Motion Sickness Of Colanders or
                Public Transportation As A Spiritual
    by tanya collings.

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